Identifying and Controlling Alabama Pests

There are thousands of species of insects in the state of Alabama. For those who have gardens most of these insects will not be an issue since they do not feed on the plants. There are many basic insect species that include the following;

– Endopterygota
– Neoptera
– Paleoptera

These are the general ranges of insect species that cover the flying and crawling versions, most of which feed on the various grasses and pollen found in Alabama. Their interaction with humans is minimal and they provide a beneficial service to mankind. However, there are plenty of Alabama pests that get inside homes and create all types of issues that will require eradication.

Alabama Pests

Of the many different insects and mammal species that live in the state of Alabama, there are the relative few that are considered pests because they either invade the home to live as parasites or eat plants that are grown in gardens and flower beds.

The pests range from the notorious aphids that cover plants with their larvae, which in turn feed on them, to the snails and slugs that also feast on plants typically grown in the garden. Of course, there are also the pests that invade the home as well that cause structural damage and health issues.

Pest Infestation of the Home

When it comes to most insidious Alabama pests that invade the home, there are five that stand out among the rest.
– Ants
– Cockroaches
– Mice
– Rats
– Termites

Each of these pests will need to be removed or eradicated from the home to prevent further damage to the structure of the building as well as the health of those who live inside. Fortunately, there are some simple Alabama pest control methods that really work to prevent and eliminate them from the home.

Seal Up All Openings: Many major forms of pests will be dissuaded from entering your home if you seal up all the cracks and openings where they can come in. Plus, if you keep all the brushes and shrubs away from your home, you prevent many of the pests from having a natural hiding place that is next to your house.

Garbage in Sealed Containers: Many pests love to feast on the garbage that is left outdoors. So, be sure that you have garbage cans that can be properly sealed. Every so often, take the time to wash out the garbage can to eliminate any residue from the garbage that might attract pests.

Screens on Windows and Doors: While most homes have such screens, there are still some that do not. By placing screens on your windows and doors, you are providing an extra barrier preventing many Alabama pests from getting into your home. This includes annoying flying pests like mosquitoes.

By taking a few precautions, you can use effective Alabama pest control methods to keep the insects and rodents out of your home.